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"...I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."
Matthew, 25:40 NIV
We at C&B Drainage have been the recipients of many blessings over the years. Our customers, friends and neighbors have been the greatest. Through partnerships with organizations like Salkehatchie Summer Service, Home Works, and individual chuches (The River Church in Camden & Northeast United Methodist Church in Columbia), God has provided food for the hungry; shelter that is warm safe and dry, and sanitary waste disposal.

After seeing her two previous houses burn to the ground and her current house in a state of deterioration; thanks to Home Depot, Care Pro Home Health, and some awesome volunteers, Mrs. Viola Rivers, 87, is now proudly sitting on her new front porch in her new rocker smiling and waving at passing cars.  

Viola lives in the country about 40 miles from Columbia in Lee County. The oldest of 11 with only her youngest brother surviving, she worked in the fields and “helped raise white babies.” She has very little besides her Faith. 

It all began in the summer of 2011 when a visit from Care Pro employees determined that Viola was desperately in need of help. Resource Coordinator Cindy Vick asked her, “If you could pick one thing to make your life better, what would it be?” The reply was quick & simple – “A new porch.” As it turned out, anyone could see that she needed much, much more.  

Good News for Mrs. Rivers Sunday, May 27, 2012

 A new toilet had been installed by a church member but the septic system was non-functional. The roof leaked into the living room when it rained. Her furniture was in very bad shape. The screen door was falling apart. The kitchen floor was dreadful. The porch, ramps and steps had rotted to the point of being extremely unsafe. Viola felt like a prisoner in her own home.  
Mrs. Sue Woodard, a Care Pro RN, began making several long trips to see Viola to make sure she had food. Sue and Cindy began organizing the repairs. By chance, Cindy met Sandhills Home Depot Manager, Gail Layton and relayed the story. Amazingly, Gail mentioned Home Depot’s Outreach Program and wanted to look at the house. That was all it took. Gail graciously organized a delivery of materials (from several area stores) that would be needed to replace the porch, ramps and roof. 

Meanwhile, Sue had a group of volunteers from the Northeast United Methodist Church in Columbia standing by to help. A man with a backhoe donated his time and Sue’s daughter paid for the materials to replace the entire septic system. Removing the old porch, working side by side with members of the Church Outreach Committee was truly an awe-inspiring experience.

By the end of the first day the septic was replaced, most of the old was gone and the new porch was framed and decked. Carpenter Tommy Phelan and Cindy’s husband continued for six more days over a three week period to finish the project. Everyone thinks the new porch looks bigger. Tommy says: “Could be.”

Gail Layton and her staff have been fantastic. As work progressed, kitchen flooring, two outdoor chairs, a porch light and additional lumber were also donated by Home Depot. This project simply would not have happened without their help. Care Pro encouraged and supported the project, as Care Pro often goes above and beyond the expected for people in need. Others donated time, a new window, the screen door, new rocker, outdoor table, plants, chairs and money to help pay expenses.  
Good News for Mrs. Rivers – and a ‘Great Feeling’ for those who selflessly helped a truly needy, sweet, elderly lady enjoy her life. 

The Salkehatchie Columbia Camp July 2012:
Youth & Adults Making a Difference.
In February of this year I had the pleasure of meeting Nico, a devoted hard-working grandmother who lives in North Columbia with her daughter, son-in-law, and all five grandchildren. She asked us to come see what could be done about the sewage puddle in the back yard. With the extended family living together, the existing drain lines could not keep up with the increased water flow. An addition to the drain field would solve the problem. Unhappily the cost for the addition was not in the family budget. Thanks be to God and the selfless folks of the Salkehatchie Summer Service program, the funds for materials were made available. Church volunteers provided the labor not only for the septic work, but also for a great number of improvements to the structure. Nico's home was one of five home sites that the Salkehatchie Columbia Camp would repair this Summer.
Thank you Shawn and especially all the Salkehatchie Campers for caring.